House rules

* The play area is subject to socks (socks, stockings, slippers, slippers). Street shoes must be removed before entering the play area and stowed in the designated shoe racks. Lending spoons are available in the cloakroom area. Also hang up jackets on the clothes racks and do not take in the play area.

* For safety reasons and to avoid injuries, all toys, especially necklaces, collars and garments with cords and straps, etc., must be removed from the playing children.

* The consumption of food, snacks, biscuits and drinks is only allowed in the bistro area and at the tables. Beverages may be taken by the adults further to the benches and here only be parked on the window sills.

* Absolute smoking ban applies throughout the BAOMI Children's Game Bistro.

* Pets are not allowed.

* Children and children are only allowed to use the play area and play equipment when accompanied by an adult.

* The use of the play area and the game equipment is always at your own risk and peril. The duty of supervision lies with the parents / accompanying persons. A visual contact with the children is to be maintained.

* There is no child care / supervision by the staff of BAOMI children's play bistro.

* A respectful interaction with each other, special consideration for the smallest and appropriate and gentle use of toys is required.

* Lending and stealing toys is prohibited.

* It is not allowed for parents / companions and their children with infectious diseases to use the game room. The staff of BAOMI Children's Play Bistro reserves the right to refuse admission in case of obvious illnesses.

* The toilets and sinks are to be kept clean. Care must be taken to ensure that children do not throw objects into the toilet
* Damage caused by improper use must be reported immediately and replaced with the BAOMI children's play bistro.

* In case of damage, improper use of the equipment and toys, excessive noise or other disturbances, BAOMI Children's Game Bistro personnel are allowed to intervene and possibly caution, offenders for a specified period of time or permanently without refund of entry fee from the business premises excluded.

* Accidents and injuries must be reported to the personnel immediately.

* The BAOMI Children's Game Bistro and its staff are not liable for any injury or damage sustained by the children and escorts throughout the premises in the event of improper use of the equipment and toys, in particular injuries sustained by children; for property damage and financial loss in case of slight negligence; for damages caused by negligent or deliberate behavior of a visitor. Parents / escorts are responsible for their children.

* The BAOMI Children's Game Bistro assumes no liability for loss, damage or theft of valuables, strollers and cloakroom brought along. The cloakroom area is not supervised.

* By entering our gaming area, you and all minors under your supervision agree, until revoked, to be photographed. The photos can be published by BAOMI Children's Game Bistro free of charge or used for marketing purposes.

Children, parents, companions should have recurring joy and fun in our facility and the toys. Therefore, we ask to respect the house rules and leave the recorded places clean and clean, for the next children.

By entering the BAOMI children's play bistro, every visitor confirms that they have read and taken note of the house rules.